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About Us
In Spring of 2003, we were trying to sell our business, “All American Truck Beds”, in Elkhart, IN and met the owners of Quadra Bigfoot Levelers. We wanted to move back to the South after enduring the Cold, Cold weather of Northern Indiana. Quadra had a location in Central Florida & needed a manager. We had never been to Lakeland, FL., but we agreed to come down here and look over the place and Lakeland. We fell in love with Lakeland and decided we had to make this happen. So we auctioned all of our business assets and in April of 2003, & Roy moved to Lakeland without me to run Quadra Mfg. SE. We still had our home in Elkhart & being a Realtor Broker, I knew the market in Elkhart had tanked when Miles Labs moved to Germany and 75,000 people lost their jobs. Finally in 2005, the house sold & I came down to become the office manager for Quadra SE.

We hadn’t worked for anyone other than ourselves since I met Roy, so this was a big transition for both of us. In 2011, we were made aware that Quadra no longer wanted this location, so we agreed to keep the business going as our own. Bigfoot levelers are the ONLY system we sell, but we can service other systems.

Roy has put his heart and soul into the business and most of our customers have become our friends. Everybody Loves Roy!!! We both believe Quadra Bigfoot Levelers are The Best Leveling System in the Industry. Now we own Bigfoot Leveling Systems of Florida, Inc. and are an authorized Dealer for Quadra, Mfg. the Manufacturers of the Bigfoot systems.

We still believe if we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will. So please call or come by and let us make travelling in your RV more fun than ever before.

Roy & Rita Trevino

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